London ENT Unit (Ear Nose & Throat) is the UK’s leading specialist in conditions of the ear nose and throat. Based at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth the centre provides state-of-the-art facilities, same day appointments and specialist ENT consultants with a wealth of experience in treating various ENT conditions.

Common conditions treated by London ENT Unit include tonsil stones, tonsillitis, snoring, blocked nose, catarrh, loss of hearing, balance disorders, tinnitus, sinusitis, adenoids, hay fever, and laryngitis. The units Consultants are also vastly experienced in the treatment of nasal and sinus cancers.

The Unit is renowned for its revolutionary and innovative treatment methods using lasers to treat common ENT conditions. This allows patients the highest standard of care as well as the fastest possible recovery times. To find out more about our laser treatment options and other innovative methods contact us today.

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"London ENT offers first class care and advice at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth"

Caroline Fox - CEO